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Get separation settled with smart and affordable advice.

Family Law Outcomes - Our Approach

Our Sensible Approach

At Family Law Outcomes, we specialise in drafting and advising on quality family law settlement documents for a reasonable price.


Over many years of successful family law practice, we have seen all kinds of separations, from the simplest to the most complex.  In all types of cases, we know how to get your matter finished as quickly and cheaply as possible, while ensuring your interests are protected.


Family Law Outcomes is all about helping sensible people close out their separation, with no frills and no fuss.  Nick Mules, our principal lawyer, has practiced at the coalface of family law in South Australia for over ten years. He has acted in all types of family law matters, from complex litigation to agreed settlements by consent orders.  Nick will help you quickly identify the simplest and most cost-effective way of resolving your matter.

Our approach will be measured and compassionate.  Our advice will be frank, clear and affordable. Our representation of you will be robust yet respectful. Ultimately, our greatest motivation is to see you through “to the other side” at a minimal financial and emotional cost.

We offer appointments in person at various locations around Adelaide for a reduced fixed fee.

We also offer a no-obligation initial discussion by telephone for no cost.

Family Law Outcomes - What we do

What We Do    

Family Law Outcomes specialises in affordable advice and drafting services.  We offer fixed fees for the following:


Advice Appointments

Including written confirmation of advice, in relation to property or children or both (an excellent starting point, particularly if you wish to undertake most of the hard work yourself, to keep your fees to a minimum)


Financial Agreements

Drafting and advising on binding financial agreements, such as stand-alone property settlement agreements, spousal maintenance agreements and ‘prenuptial’ style agreements


Applications for Consent Orders

Drafting and advising on Applications for Consent Orders, including proposed Consent Orders and other required documents



Advice on any of the above documents drafted by another lawyer


Child Support

Drafting and advising on binding child support agreements


Other Services

We are always willing to discuss fixed fees for other stages of your matter, for example if you have been drawn into a court dispute

“I bring a practical and measured approach to your matter by listening to what's important to you, and offering you clear, sensible advice on how to best achieve the results you're after.”

- Nick Mules


Family Law Outcomes - Principal

Hi, I’m Nick Mules, Principal at Family Law Outcomes.

I have practiced for over twelve years as a specialist family lawyer, including at some of Adelaide’s best family law firms. My colleagues tell me that I have a reputation for my knowledge of the law, my ability to communicate compassionately with my clients, and my technical drafting skills. I pride myself on being able to translate the most complex real-life situations into simple and easy to understand words on a page.


I studied law at the University of Adelaide and graduated with Honours in 2003. My first legal job was providing free legal advice to the community while working at the Legal Services Commission of South Australia. I advised on all areas of law but quickly realised that I had a particular knack for understanding and advising on family law disputes.


I spent the next four years working for a UK government authority in child protection law and then took up full time family law practice in Adelaide in 2010.


For the last 12 years, I have conducted and been involved in a wide range of family law matters, including complex children’s litigation, and all types of property disputes, from the smallest to the largest asset pools.


I recognised in early 2020 that members of our community are in real need of experienced but reasonably priced family law advice and representation. I founded Family Law Outcomes with that mission: to help sensible people get separation settled, with smart and affordable advice.


I am deeply committed to supporting my clients and their families through the separation process and always address each individual case with care and compassion for all involved.

Customer Testimonials

Ben, Gawler East

Nick from Family Law Outcomes was extremely professional and approachable whilst handling my family law matters. I felt comfortable talking with him from the moment I first met with him and all of my legal matters were handled promptly and efficiently. Highly recommend Nick for any family law matters and wouldn't hesitate to contact him again should the need arise in the future.

I found Family Law Outcomes to be very professional but also caring when I needed advice and explanations that I could clearly understand at a very stressful time. Nick was very prompt with any letters and paperwork so that the matter could be dealt with and resolved as quickly as possible.

Steph, Largs Bay

Thank you Nick for an outstanding job, helping me to finalise my affairs. Nick's professional yet caring manner, was much appreciated during this difficult time. Nick is very experienced and always took the time to explain what my options were. Highly recommend.

Family Law Outcomes - Contact

Get In Touch    

Our first discussion is FREE


I can meet with you at a number of locations around Adelaide, including the CBD and suburbs. We can also meet through video conferencing or discuss your matter over the phone. Please use the form to the right to get in touch, or visit our webportal to provide information.


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